Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Workshop on Term sheets and early stage financing

Are you seeking funds from VCs and Angels? It's better to understand term sheets and early stage financing before you meet with them. TiE is going to conduct workshop on Term sheets and Financing on February 21, 2007. Following is from the email I got.

As the economy and the funding environment continue to grow, more entrepreneurs are starting new ventures or actively seeking to grow their businesses. To help entrepreneurs understand the financing realm, The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE) is presenting Financing and Term Sheet workshop on Wednesday, February 21, 2007. This workshop will focus on angel and venture capital financing and term sheet issues. This workshop will have instructors from the major Silicon Valley law firms, who are experts in angel financing and venture capital matters.

A key part of building a successful technology company is raising capital, often from angels and venture capitalists. In addition, many founders are now bypassing traditional venture capital financing, and choosing instead to self finance their ventures. Knowing the important issues relating to such financings can be invaluable.

This workshop is designed to educate participates on the key terms and issues to consider when raising investment capital from angels and venture capital firms, as well as the issues facing founder financed ventures.

You will learn:

The differences among founder, angel and traditional venture capital financings

The advantages and disadvantages to founders of self-financing, and angel and venture capital financed ventures

Key terms to consider when raising capital from angel and venture capital investors

The effect that founder, angel and venture capital financings can have on your company’s liquidity. The workshop is three hours and will consist of a presentation of key financing issues, an interactive workshop where attendees get to address such issues with Silicon Valley legal experts and an expert panel discussion and question and answer session.

Host: Murrali Rangarajan, TiE SV Charter Member


TiE Conference Center
Suite 108
2903 Bunker Hill Lane,
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Date & Time: 6:00pm to 10:00pm on Feb 21, 2007

You can use this link to register or go to TiE website.

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