Friday, February 16, 2007

Trade update

I had big position in ICE, closed it. I want to divert the money to other positions. I am not a day trader or a swing trader. However, I like trading and challenges that come with it. When I am right, it gives me lot of pleasure and (of course) money.

I have big position in Goldman Sachs (GS) both in stocks and options. I hope that this would work out ok. I am also looking at MER, JPM and other investment banking stocks.

I had bull put spread on MER 85/90 puts. Currently MER trades at $92+, I guess that my spread will generate profit at the end of the day. (Today is the option expiration day for February)

Market is going up and down because of housing data. Is it a surprise that we keep getting low housing numbers? I don't think so. But, the market use that as excuse for profit-taking.

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