Wednesday, February 14, 2007

School Admissions Nightmare

If you are a parent in India, you know how difficult it is to secure admission for your child. I heard about all kinds of horror stories! I personally know a friend that camped out all night along in an elementary school in Chennai to get the application form for his child – for Kindergarten class!

The same thing happens in London too, according to the story published in Wall Street Journal.

Some excerpts from that article:

To get her son into elementary school at age 4, Emma Pliner signed him up at birth. When she went into labor, she took the application forms with her to the hospital. "I filled in the forms with an epidural in my back," she says.

At Wetherby, the boys school near Hyde Park, head teacher Jenny Aviss advises women scheduling Caesarean sections to have them early in the month in order to secure one of five places that the school allots to newborns each month. "If you have the option, don't wait until the 31st, have it on the first and call on the second," she says.

At one popular private nursery, the Broadhurst School, mothers sign up even before their babies are born. Headmistress Deirdre Berkery recently got a call from a woman who was five weeks' pregnant. "Every year, there seems to be more pressure for places," says Ms. Berkery, whose school is fully booked until January 2010.

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