Sunday, January 21, 2007

God gets spam too!

I read the article about If you haven't heard about that site, that's not a surprise, because that site is secretive online community.

There is another site called; Heaven is not as popular as Hell!, How about,,,,, etc.,? If I buy these kind of domains, can I sell those domains for million dollars also? episode shows that we are not in late 90s craze. People are getting more sense, they try to evaluate the business before paying lots of moola. Well, atleast some people are cautious. gets lot of traffic, but still that site generates only $5 or $6 a day thru ads. Experience of offers a cautionary tale for any would-be buyers of Hell or any other site like that. gets different kind of web traffic too. It has an email address: This site's founder reports that he receives several thousand emails daily. Like the rest of us, God gets lots of spam, according to the site's founder.

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