Monday, December 04, 2006

WiMAX and Mobile Broadband

If you are an entrepreneur interested to learn more about WiMAX, this event will help you.

You can find out about the opportunities that the build-out of WiMAX provides entrepreneurs and established players from the perspective of operators, chipset suppliers, content and application providers; as well as how entrepreneurs can determine what technologies will be utilized to build-out WiMAX, and what killer applications will emerge out of 4G.

Host: Shaukat Shamim
Adolfo Masini, VP, Product Management Wireless Broadband Networks, Motorola
Ronny Haraldsvik, VP of Marketing, Mobile Broadband, Qualcomm
Shahin Hedayat, Chairman, CEO & Co-founder, Beceem Communications
Brian Kang, Principal Investment Manager, Samsung Ventures America
Li-Bu Tan, Chairman, Walden International

This event will be held on Tuesday,12 December, 2006, 6 PM - 8PM

TiE Conference Center
2903 Bunker Hill Lane, Suite 108
Santa Clara, CA 95054

For registration and more details, click here.

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