Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Reality Shows

Do you watch reality shows? I used to watch Bachelor when it first came out, may be four years ago. It was kind of weird, so I watched to see what that was about. After few episodes, I gave up on that show. Later, Fear Factor and Survivor glued me to the TV.

I am a big fan of "24" show on Fox. Although "24" is a TV show, I can put that in reality show category also, because that show was almost real.

Recently I came across the website This has episodes of Reality TV. These episodes are created by their own team. Checkout the site, there is a funny episode about Vegas. This site also has Holiday special video. When they build the company they want to show you behind the scenes glance of the company and its people.

Reality shows can only go to some extent, if these shows cross the limit, there is no point in watching these shows. Current craze is to watch reality shows whether it’s Survivor or Fear Factor. I feel this thing would fade in the future and something else will be hyped up.

Try to take some videos of yourself celebrating New Year and post it in Youtube. You never know, that may even catapult you into a celebrity!

Update: Fox released Happy Holidays Video with "24" theme on it. I love it! Checkout the video at

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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