Thursday, December 21, 2006

Real Estate Funds

When you hear about Real Estate bubble discussion in all media, you would naturally think it’s wise to stay away from anything related to Real Estate. In fact, it is wise to stay away from purchasing your new home for another 6 months, at least.

However, REITs are doing just fine. Some of the real estate mutual funds scored 50%+ return so far this year! All these funds didn’t invest in home builder stocks, instead they invested in REITs.

Following funds returned more than 41% year to date!

ProFunds Real Estate UltraSector Inv (REPIX)
E.I.I. International Property Instl (EIIPX)
Morgan Stanley Inst Intl Real Estate A (MSUAX)
First American Real Estate Secs Y (FARCX)

Some of these funds have min investment of $15,000, some have min of $1 million!

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