Monday, December 04, 2006

Powered Google?

It’s time again to write about Google. Google’s search is good. So does Yahoo’s search. I don’t see much difference between results of Google and Yahoo for the same keyword. Investors don't really care about that, all they look for is the bottom line. Google makes much more money than Yahoo, so investors love Google and hate Yahoo. I own both stocks. I am happy to see when Google goes up. Obviously, I am not very happy when Yahoo is punished.

Apart from search, I think Yahoo is the better web service than Google. For example, take email service. New email beta from Yahoo is excellent. Gmail is just the opposite. I still use Gmail to get limited amount of emails mainly because of some services like Google Adwords and Adsense require the gmail account. I am used to folders in the email account. Just for this one simple reason, I will always stick with Yahoo mail. Gmail labels are just crap. I still can’t understand why Gmail guys don’t understand the importance of folders.

Anyway, enough of rambling… There is going to be new search engine called Powerset. There is lot of hype about this secretive start-up. Powerset recently raised $12.5 million toward its goal of developing the first search engine that interprets the meaning of phrases and sentences rather than simply identifying specific keywords. Many people think that Powerset is going to be the real competitor for Google. If you own Google, watch out for these new developments.


Anonymous said...

I use both GMail and Yahoo! Mail.
When it comes to folders, I do not see/make difference with GMail. I just label it and archive it. It works in the same way as folders. In fact, allowing to have more than one label for a message could be more useful for some.

This is just my opinion.


Bharathi said...

Hi Karthik, I think it's more to do with my habits, I guess. I always look for the folders in the left column. I have more than 30 folders in yahoo account. In Gmail, I need to go to the labels using drop down menu labelled "More actions". I feel that it's easier to select from the folder list in the left oolumn than going thru drop down menu. With the new yahoo email, moving messages between folders is pretty simple.

Assigning more than one label for an email is nice, but I don't use that way. As you said, it's really useful for the people that need those kind of features.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. As I write this, Yahoo announced major reorg. Let us see how this turns out for Yahoo and Google.