Thursday, October 26, 2006

Strip Club or Art Club?!

I read this in Charles Wheelan's article.

If you tell smart people that they can't get to the other side of a wall -- and that's where they would prefer to be -- they'll come up with clever ways to get over, under, around, or through it.

India bans alcohol advertising. Obviously, brewers would prefer to get their message out to consumers if given the chance. So the makers of Haywards 5000 beer came up with a shockingly clever idea: They introduced a soda with exactly the same name. Thus, they can now advertise on television for Haywards 5000 -- the soda, of course. And yet beer drinkers must have found the message persuasive. Sales of Haywards 5000 beer tripled after the "soda" advertisements began!

Then there's the strip club owner in Idaho. When the city of Boise banned full public nudity, the law left a loophole for art schools, drama performances, and anything with "serious artistic merit." Facing a serious loss of business, the owner of Erotic City sought instead to squeeze through the loophole. He gave his patrons sketch pads and pencils and declared that the dancers would be fully nude on special "art nights." Alas, it didn't work! The police and city officials weren't convinced that art was the real focus.

It's really hilarious that club owner decided to give sketch pads and pencils to the club patrons. More interesting is that these guys agreed to take these pencils and papers to watch the naked ladies!

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