Friday, October 27, 2006

Hon. Mohammad Afzal

Afzal who tried to attack parliament in Dec 2001 should have died a week ago, but he is still alive because our politicians don’t have backbone.

He may even walk into parliament as a MP just like Umesh Mohite wrote in Cybernoon. I don’t know what is going on in our country. Politicians have gone to really low level. Afzal tried to bomb these politicians, but these guys are trying to save him to get more votes.

I don’t think Muslims appreciate this political drama. Politicians are trying to gain appreciation from Muslims hoping that it may well transform into votes. All these guys shout everywhere “India United”. Then why do you try to appease a particular community?

In our country PM is just a puppet. Sonia has the strings. She is trying to balance the act in such a way that minority votes go to Congress. What about Hindu votes? To excuse people like Afzal is nothing short of participating in the crime itself.

What about the security people that died in the parliament attack? Are they clowns?? They died for no purpose? If Afzal is pardoned, what would security guards in parliament think? Picture this: If there is a second attempt on parliament, security guards would do nothing. Why should they lose lives to save some crooks that are going to protect these terrorists anyway?

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