Sunday, March 26, 2006

Random Google

I think that I should name this blog as "Random Google"!. I keep writing about Google. For the readers of this blog, it may look like I am obsessed with Google or I hold million shares of Google. Well, I certainly wish. Anyway, I am amused by street's reaction to Google even for silly events. Now, we had a really good news for Google -- It joins S&P 500. Stock jumped $24+ on Friday. I am sure there will be lot of day traders on this stock next week. If you are going to trade Google AND if you are an amateur trader, just take a vacation. In that way, you would spend the money on something you like.

The lesson is simple. Do not trade Google unless you really are a big shot. Buy and hold if you believe in the company. Otherwise, go and look for another trade. Google is going to be very volatile for the entire year. I suspect that Google may screw up few more times this year before stabilizing. Just protect your money!