Sunday, December 18, 2005

Apple, Google and AOL

Apple Dec $55/$50 Bull put spread worked out good. Apple closed at $71+.

Google jumped $8 because Google is close to completing deal with AOL. Microsoft lost this deal. It's funny to see how so many companies are trying to buy stake in AOL.

First of all, AOL is the worst ISP. Recently my cable internet provider screwed up, so I popped in the 90-day trial AOL CD and signed up for it. I used AOL for past two weeks. I don't see why so many people subscribed to this stupid service. AOL software ate up my PC's memory and slowed down the entire system. AOL threw in so many ads that I lost interest in surfing. I can write on and on about AOL. In short, AOL doesn't deserve all the attention it gets.

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