Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving day shopping

I don't normally shop on friday after thanksgiving. Just for giggles, I went to Fry's yesterday morning @ 7:30. There was a traffic jam all over the place especially near Fry's. The guy going in front of me stopped suddenly. That was not a good sign, I almost hit him. Few minutes later, I got the privilege to get into Fry's parking lot. Just then I noticed a lady messing up with traffic lights, she stopped right in the middle of the intersection. She wanted to go fast into Fry's parking lot, so she jumped some cars but got stuck in the middle of the intersection.

There were atleast 5 police cars just outside Fry's. One cop gave the ticket to this lady, I assume that cost her atleast $200. Hmm..She wanted to save $50 may be $100, now she is in the red (literally!) for $200. Penny wise, pound foolish.

I went into the entrance of the parking lot, that's the maximum I could go. There was lot of crowd, I saw many people (atleast 70) were waiting in line to get in the store. I just couldn't wait that long to get into the store. I took the u-turn and went to McD to get egg muffin. That was my thanksgiving day shopping!

When I got back home, I decided to do some shopping in Nasdaq. Loaded up some shares in CTSH, BRCM and CMED.

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