Sunday, November 06, 2005

Recent Trades

I couldn't buy Google shares at all. It was just going beyond my reach. I sold Dec 2005, $340 put for $9.30. It's going for $3 now. I bought Sandisk shares and sold covered call on it on 11/3. It's working out nicely. Same thing happened with DNA shares.

Funny thing, whenever I sold covered call, that call doubles in value. It happened with all my recent trades -- BTU, DNA and SNDK. May be next time, I should just buy a call. :-)

I bought IWO Feb'06 $65 call. Russell 2000 normally goes up in Nov-Dec. Let us see how that works out. I bought that for $5.30, it's going for $4.90 now. I have stop loss at $3, let us see how this works out.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. I write my personal opinions in this blog. Do not just follow my blog, do your own research before buying/selling shares or options. Options carry substantial risk, you can lose all your money.

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