Sunday, October 16, 2005

Recent Trades

Just a quick note on my recent trades:

Two weeks ago, I sold OCT 300 put of GOOG for $5. At that time GOOG was trading at 315. I thought that it won't go below $300 before OCT expiration date. So much for that thought, GOOG is now $296, OCT 300 put shot up to $9.70. I am still ok, I like the stock -- if I am put, I will just keep it and sell calls later.

Last week, I bought BTU at $75.64, and sold OCT 75 call for $3.25. It's working out nicely. BTU is at $77.78; Call is $4.

Disclaimer: I write my opinions in this blog, it's not financial advice. Do your research before trading any stock or options.

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