Friday, October 21, 2005

Google and Peapod Energy

Google went thru the roof with their surprise. Holding options during earnings announcement is a risky thing, in case of google that's a scary thing. I wonder how high Google would go. Someday this is going to stop, I don't know when. Someday Google would miss all the crazy expectations, I can guess what would happen then. When I was watching GOOG quote this morning in CNBC, JDSU quote was scrolling for $2+. JDSU was like google not long ago. I don't think Google is going to end up like JDSU. But, valuation of Google will be questioned when they miss the expectations. Disclaimer: I own Google shares, bought it last year.

BTU trade worked out nicely. OCT 75 call I wrote is not called out. I may just sell these shares on Monday.

Disclaimer: I just write my personal opinions. I am not a financial advisor. I may or may not own the stocks/options mentioned in this blog.

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