Saturday, October 08, 2005

Digital Bhoomi

My friend runs this non-profit site He asked me to review this site in this blog, so here goes...

I am really impressed with the design of this site. Simple, clean, crisp and neat. Even if the designer is not my friend, I still would have loved this site. This is basically a classifieds site, mainly jobs and real estate. There are postings in all categories -- from jobs to personals. I saw a posting from a lady in bangalore looking for one-night stand, where are you anti-kushboo crowd?!

There are so many classifieds sites like Sulekha in India. But all those sites are infested with spam and ads. There are no banner ads, pop-up/pop-down and all those crap in Digital Bhoomi. That's a welcome change. That alone is worth a look.

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