Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Curing Diabetes in 90 days

There is a site http://www.diabetes-breakthroughs.com/ that claims that it could cure your diabetes without medicines in 90 days. You need to spend your hard-earned money to get their "e-book". Anyone remember snake-oil salesman? It's just so sad and cruel that some people prey on sick people to make money.

This site is run by a guy named Mark Anastasi. He is not a doctor, he is a salesman, check his site http://www.mark-anastasi.com/ to know more about him and his "medical skills". This guy also claims that he could cure AIDS just by selling his e-book. There has to be a law to regulate these kind of sites and frauds. I just wish that this guy gets Diabetes and "cure" the disease using his e-book.


MarkAnastasi said...

Hi there,

As unbelievable as this may seem to anyone completely oblivious to what is REALLY going on with the medical establishment, the pharmaceutical industry, the food companies, goverments, and the media, this is actually GENUINE information.

"Diabetes" and "AIDS" are nothing but LABELS created by doctors, to put a name on a collection of symptoms they cannot explain with their pseudo-science.

The truth will shine through, in the end.

All the best

Mark Anastasi

BryanB said...

Wow... This Mark Anastasi guy gets around. He threatened me with lawyers on my AIDS Cure of the Day(tm) blog ( http://aidscure.blogspot.com ). He apparently doesn't like to be ridiculed and called on the carpet for his obvious untruths.

And, "Truth" is nothing but a label put on a statement that's based in fact and backed up by independant research and study.

Random Rhythm, thank you for posting your comment about this Mr. Anastasi guy. He deserves to be exposed. (And not in Playgirl....)

(The above comment is merely the opinion of its writer; me.)

Bharathi said...

Thanks Bryan.

Mark: As you said "The truth will shine" -- hopefully.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This Mark Anastasi's name has popped up in so many websites in relation to chronic diseases. I was looking up Parkinsons because a family member has it and he had claimed "a medical breakthrough" which leads you to buy his book, then happened to look up fibromyalgia, and the same page appeared with the word for the condition changed. For a laugh I did a search on cancer, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, Alzheimers, candida...Mark Anastasis name popped up claiming Medical breakthroughs for all in regard to changing your diet, the same claim repeated. How can he claim this? Vulnerable and desperate people will probably 'give it a go' not realising they are contributing to his millions.
Miss M

Bharathi said...

Hi M, Thanks for the feedback.

Bill Pitcaithley said...

I understand from various sources that the point being made is that the pH levels in our body systems is the underlying cause of many, or maybe all, diseases.

And that IF this is treated then some improvement will occur.

See Dr. Robert Young's work on this - he is a USA microbiologist, who also points out that much of this was discovered by Antoine Bechamp at the same time as Louis Pasteur's views on the cause of disease were apparently taken up by the medical profession, rather than the Bechamp theories.

The proof of course will be in the testing on any individual.

It is a very important point IF indeed it is more correct than current medical practice.



Bharathi said...

Bill, It's an interesting theory. Thanks for sharing that.

Anonymous said...

I have met Mark personnally. I find it hard to believe that he cares about people much. Mark is more concerned about his own success. He hopped from diabetes cures to stock trading seminars and now he's created a self-development company which is a copy of Anthony Robbins' achievements. Not necessarily a crook but don't hope for a miracle either. Just use your own judgment.

Bharathi said...

Thank you, it's good to hear your view.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up on this guy. would have made me feel even sicker if i had been suckered.then he would have to write a book on how to cure a broken nose.

Bharathi said...

:-) you are welcome!

Anonymous said...

Hello again

In answer to the highly ignorant comments in this thread:

I set up ebook websites and a seminar company for the same purpose: to educate people about how to improve their lives.

I urge you to put your cynicism aside, and, for your health's sake, perhaps for your childrens' sake, to look into the work of Dr. Robert O. Young on the pH Balance and its effects on your health (including Parkinsons, Diabetes, Arthritis, Psoriasis, Multiple Sclerosis, etc).

Most people today are simply over-acidic and toxic. This breaks the body down and causes the SYMPTOMS that doctors refer to as 'disease'.

You are lied to and being brainwashed by the medical establishment and pharmaceutical industry. THEY are the ones preying on the vulnerable, selling them pills and drugs that only hide the symptoms instead of CURING the SOURCE.

Thank you Bill Pitcaithley for your supportive comments.


Bharathi said...

Hi Mark, if you can elaborate little more on your work, probably many people can understand. We might have been brainwashed, I don't know. But, the point is that your websites claim immediate cure for the diseases; but we don't know how you are going to do that. There are so many e-books out there; their main idea is to rob the people without giving much info in the e-book.

When you claim that you can cure diabetes in 90 days just thru your e-book, that itself sound very fishy.

Let me put it in other way. You are on one side with your e-book. On the other side we have so many doctors that follow totally different approach to cure diseases. Are all these doctors idiots? They spent most of their life in learning medicine. You say that all these doctors are misinformed or cheating their patients.

How can we believe that? You are not a doctor, are you? As a non-medical professional, how can you claim that you can do something what the medical professionals couldn't achieve?

If you are trying to market some google adsense tricks using e-book, I won't write about you. There are so many guys that do that. But, when you claim that you can cure diseases using e-book, that doesn't sound right.

Let me repeat again. Please elaborate on your work so that many of us can at least get an idea what you are doing. You don’t need to give away your trade secrets, but just an idea about your theory.

For all our readers: I came across this site when I was searching for Dr. Young. http://www.snyderhealth.com/phmiracle.htm; this throws some light on phBalance stuff. I am still skeptical though.

Anonymous said...

I have seen Mark's claims. I simply would like ask a question. If salads everyday would do marvelous things for you how come vegetarians who shun traditional medicines suffer from Anaemia and blood related diseases? And that is a fact.
Frank, Birmingham, UK

Bharathi said...

Hi Frank, thanks for the feedback. I asked couple of questions to Mark, he hasn't answered them yet.

samuk1000 said...

My name is Sam Beatson. I have been a medical student and I have been involved in the medical profession, its beliefs and its teachings. I would agree that the medical profession as a whole can be extremely closed minded. I would not be at all surprised that people are skeptical and still suffering under the hypnotic suggestions of disease given by their doctors. I can't understand why people want to hear they have cancers and diabetes and to obey the doctors orders. It does show ignorance and it show naievety that the medical profession is the authority on health matters. Most of the doctors I worked with were either on drugs, too much alcohol or too arrogant to genuinely care about peoples health. I was taught to be a parrot. I can't believe people still think that traditional therapies and little known breakthrough/"miracle" cures carry little weight when if they were actually followed with discipline, the results would more than likely speak for themselves. Let me give an example. The Chinese have known for about 3000 years or more that daily practise of QiGong can cure chronic illness, including cancer. This is being proven out by doctors today. Why wait for scientific breakthrough when there is an absolute myriad of answers waiting for every person. Stop giving your power away with this negative and skeptical attitude. It helps NOBODY including you and it doesn't help the vulnerable either.

Anonymous said...

mark anastasi is a total fraud, so an ex security guy that has a background in selling stuff suddenly has more knowledge than all the scientists and doctors around the world that are actually professional and have an education...

how dodgy is this fake!!

Someone who cares said...

Mark Anastasi is not a medical doctor.

Mark's interests over recent years seem to have been running wealth creation/internet marketing seminars in the UK and not delivery goods costing several thousand dollars, paid for at these seminars to a number of customers. It also seems some speakers at these seminars were also not paid as previously agreed.

He relocated from the UK to Cyprus still owing money/goods to customers. He bought a mult-million dollar property in Cyprus. A recent mailshot referred to this property.

He may have his name on a lot of ebooks, but the vast majority of these are ghostwritten, especially the medical ones. To my knowledge I heard him once say he wrote one ebook.

You will notice his name attached to a variety of products in a search engine, ranging from wealth creation to medical issues.

Aaron said...

Everybody is trained to be skeptical... we have to be to survive in the world. Be safe and fear what you are not familiar with. I have to say that I praise Mark Anastasi. I think he has passion for life. A lot of people do not have passion in life and why don't they? We only live once... live a good life. Erase negativity and think positively. You will be surprised what good things come to you. It does not happen over night, but it does happen. It's like magic. Disease is a serious issue and the answers can be many. Why not keep an open mind about it like Mark suggest. Everything is directly linked to the power of the mind. I think you have to over power disease and life decisions with the mind. Doctors do not know everything. They are very specialized in one field and are a great help within that specific field but do not know everything. It's important to keep an open mind and to think positive. I have type 1 diabetes and conquer the disease on an hourly basis... 24 hours a day...365 days a year.... with the power of my mind. I am cured from diabetes. Yes, my pancreas does not produce insulin still.... but I walk through life as if what I have is a normal condition that constantly needs maintenance.... just like brushing your teeth. If you overpower your weakness with your mind... you empower yourself thus conquering your fears and handicaps. I praise Mark for all his inspiring endeavors. I wish more people out there had passion for life. There is a serious problem with health care in the U.S.. The pharmaceutical companies make too much money to find a cure for diabetes... heck I pay $5-600 a month and I have blue cross PPO... which is the best plan they have. Thank god I got it before I was diagnosed. We must all keep an open mind when it comes to medicine or we will never move forward. And if anybody has a chronic illness, conquer it with the mind and empower yourself to live a normal happy life. Once I did this, I built a business that pays me more than a surgeon, have more friends than time to hang out with them, live life to the fullest everyday, and in general conquer my handicap..... did I say handicap.... um I'm not handicap... and I hope you are not as well. Oh yeah.... I have never met Mark but I have heard his seminars and read some of his work. Also, I'm not trying to endorse him.... I just appreciate his passion for life. Whatever... move on positively and life is easier. Use your negative energy and put it towards something positive. You will be surprised at the results.

Bharathi said...

Aaron, thanks for the detailed write-up. I am glad that your diabetes is under control. Is it because of Mark Anastasi or his e-book?

Anonymous said...

I Knew Mark Anastasi before his popularity and it seams that Sam Beatson and Aaron speak or write almost if it was him himself or someone in his behalf.I recognise familiarities in the vocabulary and writing. When I met him he had plans toward a tv channel,I never saw this channel come to life. He also said he would be richer than Richard Branson and he would be very wealthy in a space of a year. Well he is not more richer or more famouse than Richard Branson and his motivation seammed more for the money than for the help of people. I whent to one of his seminars to enquire about the HIV cure to help someone in crisis and he pretended that he did not remember my name and had NO time to talk to me. Any how the guy owes me £50 which im sure Ill never see again. If you ask my opinion always get the best from both worlds (from alternative Health and the Medical) dont be dismissive of any, as people in both industries do research for years. These industries should work hand in hand and help each other. If they are not willing to, then do it in your own lives. Try natural things before going on to something else tho. Be a good judgement of character when you see a specialist. When you meet someone like Mark make sure that when he smiles at you, he is realy smiling at your wallet. Arin

Bharathi said...

Hi Arin, thanks for sharing your views. I like your writing "When you meet someone like Mark make sure that when he smiles at you, he is really smiling at your wallet".

I asked couple of questions to Mark many months ago. Haven't heard from him yet.

Happy Soul said...

This individual's business practices leave a lot to be desired.

As to his health claims. He didn't write the books, he just put his name on them and marketed them.

David said...

To see the basis for Anastasi's claims see this wikipedia article.

Anonymous said...

Whst I have not read here is has anyone purchased his ebook on curing MS and feel it is a fraud?

Anonymous said...

This fraud claims it's our "pH imbalance" that's the problem. It is total BS. pH is fine. People have had these diseases LONG before our diets have changed and we've been eating more refined foods, etc. Doesn't anyone remember diseases being referenced in the Bible?! There are all sorts of ancient references to various diseases. But I guess the medical establishment was lying then too...

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting discussion. I attended 3 of his seminars about wealth creation. It's like closing people in the pond with speakers around pumping their excitement. In the euphoria you make decission to purchase product/training for thousands of $$$.

I believe that majority of doctors and professionals operate this way.
Your disease symptoms usually are easy to recognize. So, what do you do?
You are advised by doctors to stay in bed, have a rest - YOUR BODY/HEALTH REGENERATE ITSELF + they ask you to take pills - sometimes the more expensive one as the producers sponsor they seminars.
HERE IS A FUN: instead of visiting the doctor, wasting your time in the queue in most of cases you could achieve the same over the phone, email or quick research on the internet.

We live in the material world where money is the energy. If you develop a leadership skills and attract your followers focus you attract all the energy (money)

Once we turn to our own, natural skills and our subconscious mind we can achieve miracles. As you look at all of the miracles that happened in your life (I believe that everyone experienced some) you will realize that the moment you accept your limitless possibilities you will live happy, healthy and abundant life. You can cure deseases if you believe you can. Even more: you can prevent from them if you focus on health.

I have one friend from often says: "GOD WILL PROVIDE" and everything seems easy for him.

The same situation is if you look for something. i.e. health - go over your problem and start feeling happy.

One of good places to start is The Secret based on Rhonda Byrne book.

Any problem you may have requires smart questions to get good answers. As a man you know everything you need to know to live happy life. TRUST YOUR OWN WISDOM.

sunbeam said...

As a follow-up. I purchased and read Mark Anastasis's e-book and from there he had mentioned Dr. Robert Young. I purchased the Dr. Robert Young Book 'Sick & Tired' - and it impressed me. Even as a layman, and I am not a doctor, I think the pH levels should be tried out - especially for anyone who is indeed ill.

Another source I think should also be tried is Dr. Hulda Clark - who says all diseases are caused by pollutants - and parasites!.

She has published a few books, and I have read over most of them - again it impressed me - and I am interested if finding someone whom I know, or can be acquainted with, who would put the ideas to the test.

I purchased her Zapper for use for my wife's migraine headaches - but so far it is 'not proven' - we will continue and see what happens over the next few months.


Bill Pitcaithley

Anonymous said...

We purchased the parasite zapper, and used it for many years. It does seem to work in certain areas, especially for parasites. My young cousin had parasite issues and the zapper has always worked for us. I use it when I want to be energized.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I know Mark personally and I think many who know him have different views. I met him in 2003 and we have through the years grown apart.

He is a lovely guy that deserves to be heard out. I know his actions and ventures may be open to interpretation, but I strongly believe his intentions have always been good. Whatever claims have been made, I hope he finds his way out of this apparent chaos and connects to the outcomes that he, and all those that want cures, truly want to reach.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I think it is great that you want to protect people and I don't know anything about mark's ebook. I did review the site and it plainly states that he isn't offering a cure.

I however CAN tell you that I have been working with a nutritionist and it is unblievable how much better I feel and how much more energy. Most people do not make a commitment to their health they are satisfied with a quick fix. My labs showed that I was heading for several dreaded dis-eases that I also have a family history.

It might be important to note that I am average American size or smaller - my BMI and fat percentages were both inside normal healthy range. BUt by eating a true balance with more greens, my health is moving from fine to great.
And no, I'm not just eating salad all day.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I think it is great that you want to protect people and I don't know anything about mark's ebook. I did review the site and it plainly states that he isn't offering a cure.

I however CAN tell you that I have been working with a nutritionist and it is unblievable how much better I feel and how much more energy. Most people do not make a commitment to their health they are satisfied with a quick fix. My labs showed that I was heading for several dreaded dis-eases that I also have a family history.

It might be important to note that I am average American size or smaller - my BMI and fat percentages were both inside normal healthy range. BUt by eating a true balance with more greens, my health is moving from fine to great.
And no, I'm not just eating salad all day.

Anonymous said...

Info on Robert Young.
Greatest fraud and a lier. Check this out.
About Robert O Young...

"In 1996, under a plea bargain, Young pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of attempted practice of medicine without a license and was promised that the charge would be dismissed if he stayed out of trouble for 18 months. Young claimed that he had looked at blood samples from two women and simply gave them nutritional advice [9]. The blood test he advocates (live-cell analysis) has no scientific validity [10]. Young's "credentials" include doctoral degrees in nutrition, science, and naturopathy from the American Holistic College of Nutrition. His Web site claims that he "has been widely recognized as one of the top research scientists in the world," and his book states that he "has gained national recognition for his research into diabetes, cancer, leukemia, and AIDS." Yet he, too, has had nothing published in a recognized scientific journal."


Clayton College of Natural Health; aka-American Holistic College of Nutrition is a NON-accredited correspondence school. He did some undergraduate schooling at a college in Utah, business & biology. His "so called" degrees hold no real weight and by looking at his website it appears he is simply a salesman.

Young's website:


From his website he lists his credentials:

"Dr. Young has 5 degrees in Science including 3 doctorates which include a Ph.D, D.Sc., and an N.D. Dr. Young is a scientist, health nutritionist, educator, and microbiologist and is the author of 8 books pertaining to nutrition, health, the science of blood and microbiology. Dr. Young is not a medical or naturopathic doctor or practicing as such."

"Young sold his InnerLight multilevel marketing company several years ago, he said, though he continues to receive royalties from products he developed."


This company sells MMS.

Chemistry is NOT one of his degees! Furthermore, he does not hold a Ph.D from an accedited college.

Just because someone claims to be a doctor, writes a book and sells products doesn't mean they can do no wrong and must be correct. I have met with many Doctors (real medical doctors with actual degrees) who have made many recommendations for drugs and surgery, but I do not follow them.

Still I am open minded...

I would be very interested in hearing what his reccomendations are on dosage of sodium chlorite and his opinions on its effect on live blood analysis, seeing that is his specialty. I think this would be helpful to get more info on this type of therapy and how this chemical is activated by the stomach acids.

Anastasi is just a foolish uneducated fool, deceiving people. I pray he gets diabetes and AIDs and lets see where he will take his foolish asre..
The British Diabetic Association and the American Diabetes Association have been notofoed and they will petition the State Dept to ban him from the USA.

Anonymous said...

One question with all the money given to foundations how many cures have they produced? Has anyone read Kevin Trudeau's book, back in the bible they didnt have to face what we face in todays world, by the way our food is produced, from beef to chickens to veggies, one can only assume through the ages we went wrong. The the lord inflicked them upon them. Having said that i worked in the grocery industry for 35 years and watched the tomato change before me,through cross-breeding and the like, why must we have this item be able to stay in the store for more tham 1 week, and not break down???? Just some thoughts here your mind is very powerful and thought are things!!!!! I dont know about you in the U.K. but the U.S citizens have a weight issue period, which in fact the other issues have come into play.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a complete fraud. He belongs in jail. He should not be allowed to sell this garbage. After I was foolishly conned into buying his diabetes ebook, and upon discovering that it was crap, I requested a refund. Naturally, this conman refused becuase, presumably, if he'd give refunds he'd have no business. so I went to payapal to get my money back.
To reiterate, never by anything from this scammer

Anonymous said...

I attended a Mark Anastasia seminar recently and was gobsmacked how he told us we could make an ebook on ANY TOPIC regardless of wheter or not we have any knowledge of it and then sell it online and make a fortune. TOTAL SCAM, disgusting athmosphere where everyone was being duped. He was certainly smiling at everyones wallets there.

Anonymous said...

To add to my last comment, this confirms where the new experts of tomorrow offering new cancer cures are coming from! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b3n1QUc51U

Bharathi said...

Thanks guys for the feedback. So, Mark is running a seminar on e-books?! "You can make money on any topic"?! It's really disturbing now. I wonder how many more guys are going to "cure" diabetes.

John Andrews said...


Came across this blog and thought I'd provide an insight to this topic.

I did a quick research and it appears Mark Anastasi is a salesperson and internet marketer who sells these e-books to make money - simple. These books are ghostwritten and he puts his name on them. The only passion he shows is wealth creation for HIMSELF.

The ghostwriters hired will be given a topic, which should have a market for it (e.g. various illnesses, diseases), and then will go and do the research and writeup an ebook about it - the same kind of research you can do for free on your own (and you end up learning alot more in the process).

And these seminars he organises are basically "salesperson on stage". It gives people the impression of credibility and a bait of "I will make you rich", where in fact the individual speakers are spruikers / salespeople selling mainly information products for $$$ (make that $$$$$$). Think of these 'seminars' more of a lead generation tactic, where they attract people in hordes with the free or cheap price admission and the huge promise of teaching you secrets on how to make $$$$$$.

The word "seminar" is misleading because it leads you to think you're there to learn the 'secrets'. But it is really just a sales process, where they are just providing a sales presentation leading to a sale of a higher priced product.

It is just salesmanship on stage, similar to a salesletter you read online that claims to give you a FREE REPORT, but in actual fact is a sales process written to guide you towards a sale.

Some sell internet websites that make money (wow, a template that hundreds of other people use will make thousands of dollars, right.). Some sell coaching programs. Some sell mindset wealth creation products. Some sell googles adwords study programs. Some sell copywriting manuals. Secrets, formulas, one size fits all cures, etc... I think you get the idea, and I think you've seen all types of salesletter like this online. Try searching for terms like "internet marketing", "ebook marketing", "wealth creation", etc.

And as cynical as it sounds, they are not here to really help you. No. They are there to make lots of money from you with a promise of a 'better land'. Think about it and use your common sense, if there's a way to make millions, why would you sell it for a low price of $29, $299, $999, or a whopping $4999? Ok, $4999 is a heap of money, but they will sell you on the 'value' of making hundreds of thousands or millions to make it look cheap.

And then they've got people to back them up, promote them or provide 'testimonials' - no doubt most of them are in the same boat. Either they have interest in helping promote each other to make money, are affilates salespeople of their products, or are customers who want to gain favours by giving raving reviews.

They target the GREED glands, guys. Wake up and stay away from these people. It's not just about taking advantage of sick people, it's about taking advantage of anyone they can to separate their money from them. People are selfish by nature and not many people who can make millions themselves will sell you the secret for peanuts. The real wealthy people don't come out touting information products, but are quietly making money and helping people via charities, foundations, etc.

Anyway, about whether the info in these ebooks are any good, who knows. I'm not saying these ebooks are lying or no good, but just that whether it's good or bad, they're going to try sell it anyway. Sure, some info may be relevant, but at the end of the day, these ebook websites about making money. Period.

I can go on and on about this, but I think I've provided enough 'truths' and 'secrets' for you to make up your minds for yourself. For free too, saving you tens of thousands of dollars, but feel free to give me $500 anyway, because the "VALUE" I've given is MASSIVE compared to the "INVESTMENT" you're making today. ;)

Anonymous said...

This guy is a total scam artist, how can this guy jump from one scam to the nest, he's a parasite. Truly anyone that preys on the desperate should be shot.

God help us all if this charlatan is now teaching others how to live the lives of their dreams.

Anonymous said...

It surprises me I must say that it seems like only one person in this whole thread has actually bought an ebook from Mr. Anastasi.

If you want to make a VALID comment then don't try to do so if you don't know anything about a product because you haven't bought it.

I don't know anything about Mr. Anastasi but I certainly wouldn't listen to opinions from somebody else who doen't know him or his products either.

Lisa said...

In 2006, Laura Lawes was diagnosed with Multiple Scelrosis and given a life expectancy of one year. Three years later, she was not only living strong, but she gave birth to her first son. It was called "a miracle birth". These miracles are possible today, because of the work organizations, such as yourself, have done. Here, at Disease.com (a website dedicated to disease preventions and treatments) we are inspired by stories such as this, and would like to join you in fighting this cause. If you could, please list us as a resource or host our social book mark button, it would be much appreciated. Lets create more of these miracles; together.If you want more information on that please email me back with the subject line as your URL.

Anonymous said...

I wish not acquiesce in on it. I think polite post. Expressly the title attracted me to be familiar with the intact story.

Al said...

Mr Anastasi,
Your website contains many many pages of enticing words. The amount of effort that you put into this, you could have simply extracted the relevant information from your book that pertains to the solution for Diabetics and posted that instead for free. Why is it, that if you really cared about the plight of millions of sufferers of this disease worldwide, you seek to make money from your pathetic few words in your book. A truly caring human being would offer this information for free and better the lives of their fellow human beings. The truth is, you are just another money grabber, who through your own admittance, has absolutely no qualification in this area what so ever. I only hope that you, or one of your loved ones, contracts a disease such as this and then has some slick conman come along and offer them false hope for a price. Maybe then you would know what it feels like. But the truth is, I doubt you would. Your a lazy soul, that doesn't think he should have to work for a living like the rest of the world. You will ultimately be punished for your greed. But you are to stupid to see it coming.

Al said...

Mr Anastasi,
Just a followup to my previous post on this blog. My son has Type1 as do many children we know. Most of them were born with it, or developed it, long before they ate their first Big Mac or had a bottle of Coke or were introduced to the sorts of diets that are the underpinning of your cause and effect argument. Go back to the drawing boards and try and come up with something a little more convincing. Your ignorance in this area is so obvious and you wonder why you are getting such negative feedback. But I suspect you factored that into your financial profitability forecast from this scam and the many others you have put together. Wake up to yourselves people, if this guy had a solution, he would offer it up for free and then maybe asked for donations for the effort he had put in. Let him show us the proof first. Some real life human beings who can medically prove they had the disease and are now cured or better off because of his advice. They don't exist.

Anonymous said...

The writer of randomrhythm.blogspot.com has written a superior article. I got your point and there is nothing to argue about. It is like the following universal truth that you can not disagree with: The truth is no one knows the truth. I will be back.

Anonymous said...

They can teach you how to make money because they know the numbers are in their favour. Most people are cynical, lazy and want things for free without doing any work themselves. You can see this attitude throughout these comments.

You advertise your product and only about 5% of the people reading your ad will reply even if it's an excellent product and an excellent sales pitch! From those 5% - who even paid for the product - only 2% will actually follow the advice, or use the product they have been given. So the numbers are in their favour. This is something that is rarely revealed - they understand YOUR own cynicism will get in YOUR way!

Why doesn't Mark give the information away free? Why don't businesses give away their products and services for free? Why don't YOU work for free?
Because that's not the way things works. Everyone has to earn a living.

My feeling is that Mark does want to help people. His biggest mistake is probably not being more careful about what he is releasing. It has been researched and written by someone else, and then he puts his name on it. Perhaps he should spend more time developing it and getting others to review before it is released.

Anonymous said...

Very nice and intrestingss story.

Anonymous said...

Metabolic diseases such as type II diabetes, cancer and heart disease comes from poor diet, poor lifestyle and lack of exercise. This is killing people at the equivalent rate of a jumbo jet crashing every day and is costing billions of $. The cost and the number of deaths is increasing at an alarmng rate and will eventually be unsustainable. The solutions offered so far by medical institutions are not working and alternative remedies/ solutions may be required such as self help books placing the responsibilty for health back on the individual through correct ph balance, sensible nutrition and adequet exercise.

Anonymous said...

Mark Anastasi is truly a real scam, i just bought his ebook about kidney stones on clickbank. It sucks like hell, i never downloaded an ebook that was so bad.

All i got was an pdf full off copy and pasted articles from wikipedia and other sites.. guess what? 200 pages filled with copy and pasted bullshit. Not even about kidney stones.. I searched the PDF to see how many times the word 'kidney' was in it..

ONLY 17 TIMES... the pdf itself contained 50.979 words.. and he sells he's pdf for 37$

Mark Anastasi scammer..

Anonymous said...

Mark Anastasi: u should be ashamed.
Hows the life on cyprus? got a big house? big car? how do you DARE to whipe people off like this?

Seems like you can do it all; play for medical wizzard and screw people at the same time. you call yourself a good marketeer? such a laugh.

Karma will get you back, big boy

Bharathi said...

Thank you guys for all the valuable comments.

Stinky said...

I've just come across your blog.

As for him 'writing' books... I found this (dated 06 October, 2010 at 17:51) on his facebook account:

"Mark Anastasi: I'm writing my first book. What title would be the best, commercially?
1. "Money For Nothing And The Clicks For Free!"
2. "Making Money Is So Easy!"
3. "21 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep"
4. "Thousand Dollar Paydays - 21 Ways To Make $1,000 On The Internet""

Anonymous said...

ANASTASI, when I next catch up with you, you are going to get ALOT more, MUCH MORE than just a BROKEN NOSE! And when you get what's coming to you, I KNOW this is going to hugely please all those vulnerable people who you've RIPPED OFF so far. . .
(You FUCKING SLIMEY LITTLE CONNING TWAT)!! I'm gonna wipe that smug and self-satisfied smirk off your face BIG TIME, FOREVER!! YOUR TIME IS COMING, mate,SOON!!! :0)

Anonymous said...

All of you are either ignorant,jealous, or both.The man is an affiliate marketer. If you read up you would know this. No where does he claim he's a doctor.

As far as your money, it's called Click Bank and you can always get your money back if you don't like something. And yes he is correct about everything that is said.

You people are all brainwashed thinking the Government is going to save you. WRONG! Take a look around and wonder why there are more diseases now then when our own parents were kids.

Take a look around and wonder why you pay high price for a brand name drug and can get supposedly the same drug in Generic form for 2 bucks.

Are you people really that stupid? I guess so. Keep living your miserable lives and wondering why your sick, and dying. Stop complaining about it when you don't want to do nothing about it.

Obviously if what you were doing was working you wouldn't be buying this product in the first place. That's a no brainer! there's a saying (Definition Of Insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results.

YES you can cure every single disease out there. It's been proven. I've met plenty of people with incurable cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain tumors and the list goes on.


Anonymous said...

Hello Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Thanks all, you just saved me from being scammed with the promise of a 'cure' for diverticular disease by this dude.

Anonymous said...

Avoid Mark Anastasi like the plague. In my opinion he's just a nasty, (but clever) little conman, masquerading as as an internet marketing and personal development guru. I naively bought a programme from him at one of his seminars. He only partially delivered it, then disappeared. I'm left with an unfinished (cheap and nasty) programme and financially ripped off.

Like all conmen he's charming, likeable, plausible and completely believable in the flesh. But it's not his true name and he issues no contracts. I've been financially burnt - make sure you're not.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded and studied this e book. Mr Anastasi is only regurgitating information commonly available for free for his own financial gain.
I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes last November. I have studied Diabetes in minute detail and spent a great deal of time researching alternate therapies and methods of reversing the illness. It's a very tough disorder to reverse, and the information Mr Anastasi provides is too simplistic and generalized to work.
For my own perspective, I follow a strict vegetarian diet, generally eat alkalyzing foods, have lost 25kilograms of body weight and swim about 2.5 kilometres a day. Most of my blood glucose and metabolic indicators are normal, fasting blood glucose is around 4.6 and so on.
Even so, if I started eating heavy carb meals with sugary sweets and cakes I know my blood glucose would be off the charts in no time. It is certainly possible to manage and control diabetes through diet and exercise but prevention is better than cure. Better not to get it in the first place. Once you have it, no amount of supplementation, e book advice or anything else can take the place of being in a healthy BMI range, doing heaps of exercise and following a strict low carb diet and eliminating bad sugar, fats and starches. None of that comes easy. Diabetes is not a disease where a silver bullet treatment or cure exists.